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Our client wanted to strengthen the product development team, so it was necessary to find a Product Owner.

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European software and hardware development company. Hearing care industry.
Product Owner

Details of the search: 

We had to find a person with 3+ years of experience in the position of product owner / business analyst that has experience with and understanding of CRM / OMS / ERP platforms, insight in cloud based SAAS solutions with relevant education such as: MsC, BsC, or similar. 

Product Owner should participate in Product Board meetings, understand product roadmap, understand product customers and users and communicate with them on a regular basis. 

Participate in clarification meetings, backlog grooming, pre-planning, planning, demo’s and retrospectives. 

Ensure features are properly sliced and can be delivered within 1-2 sprints to keep minimum work in progress.

Optimize processes around communication flows from PM/market to the development team. 

Candidates’ pipeline: 

Since our client had few vacancies of Product Owners we have been searching for candidates during 6 month and contacted 1139 potential candidates. After selection we recommended to the client 41 candidates. Client conducted interviews with selected candidates and extended job offers to 2 candidates, which accepted offers and joined the company. 

Are you looking for Product Owner in Europe? Let’s have a call and discuss your requirements, probably we will be able to help. 

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