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When you post a job on our website you can use the power of recruitment agency MindHunt to headhunt, attract, source and select candidates for your vacancies.

Our services include

  • Job posting on our website so your job will be visible to hundreds of professionals
  • We will present your vacancy to candidates from our database that counts more than 80,000 professionals
  • We will do headhunting of candidates for you from competitors and other companies
  • We interview all candidates who showed interest in your vacancy to make sure that meet your requirements
  • Comprehensive assistance throughout the entire process, which includes coordinating candidate interviews, facilitating the creation of suitable job offers, and preparing candidates for resignation to safeguard them against potential counteroffers.


Our recruitment fee is determined as a percentage of the candidate's salary, varying based on the specific vacancy. For detailed pricing information, please book a call with us.

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