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MindHunt connects you with top tech talent quickly & efficiently. We specialise in recruiting software developers, data scientists, and other IT professionals across Ukraine, Europe and globally.

Are you a software development company struggling to find the perfect talent?

You're not alone. In today's competitive market, attracting and retaining top software developers is a major challenge for many companies.

Here are some of the common problems software development companies face when it comes to recruiting:

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Shortage of Qualified Candidates

The demand for skilled software developers far exceeds the supply, making it difficult to find the right people for the job.

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Time-Consuming Hiring Process

Traditional recruiting methods can be slow and inefficient, taking valuable time away from your core business.

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Competition from Big Tech Companies

Big tech companies often have the resources and brand recognition to attract the best talent, making it hard for smaller companies to compete.

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Lack of In-House Recruitment Resources

Some companies lack the internal resources to effectively search for qualified IT specialists.

How MindHunt Can Help

At MindHunt, we understand the unique challenges software development companies face when it comes to recruiting. We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to help you overcome these challenges and build your dream team. Here's how:


Targeted Candidate Sourcing

Our expert recruiters leverage a global network and advanced sourcing techniques to find the best developers for your specific needs, even in a competitive market.


Streamlined Recruitment Process

We take the burden off your shoulders and handle the entire recruitment process – from job description creation to interview scheduling and offer negotiation.


Data-Driven Approach

We leverage data and analytics to track your recruiting progress and optimize our strategies for maximum effectiveness.


Cost-Effective Solutions

Our solutions are designed to be cost-effective and save you time and resources compared to traditional recruiting methods.

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Solidity Auditor / Developer

Our client engaged us to find several Solidity Auditors / Developers to strengthen their team.

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Company from UAE that specialises in crypto projects

Details of the search

We had to find a person who had the following experience:
- Blockchain application development on Ethereum
- Experience deploying smart contracts and tokens in Solidity
- Familiar with Dev Methodologies
– Agile + Scrum
- JavaScript + NodeJS
- Server Administration
- AWS + Linux
- API Integration experience
- Internal quality control and audit of smart contracts with the Automation tests + Truffle + Mocha + Chai will be your main responsibility
- Ethereum smart contract development (Solidity + Truffle)


Leveraging our global reach, we conducted a comprehensive candidate search for our client across various countries. This resulted in contacting over 300 highly qualified individuals.  Through a rigorous selection process, we identified and presented 20 top candidates, ultimately leading to the successful closure of 4 vacancies.

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Work We’ve Done

Some of many recruitment projects that we have completed for our clients

DevOps Director

We had to find DevOps with management experience who can play the main role in defining our Client’s DevOps team setup and activities together with RnD Director and development teams.

Agile Lead / Scrum Master

Due to the growth of the R&D department, our client needed to find a Agile Lead / Scrum Master. The main challenge was that this position is not pure scrum master role, but with project management responsibilities.

NodeJS & React Engineers in Portugal

One of our clients, with whom we worked on a vacancies in Ukraine, decided to form a team in Portugal and we had the opportunity to gain experience in the search in this country.

Senior C#/.Net Developer

We have contacted 1000+ software engineers and conducted interviews with more that 30 candidates. We recommended 14 candidates to the client who passed technical interviews, tests, and interviews with the HR department. As a result, 3 job offers were made, they were accepted and our candidates went to work and successfully passed the trial period and continued to work.

International Project Manager (Implementation)

Our client expanded its operations in Australia and there was a need to find a project manager in the time zone GMT +10. The goal of project manager is to participate in implementation projects (software for clinic chains, hearing care industry).

Do you want your vacancies will be next?

Whether you need a full-service solution or a dedicated recruiter for a specific project, MindHunt has the expertise and resources to help you find the perfect IT talent.  Let us show you the MindHunt difference!

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“I believe our cooperation with MindHunt has been rather productive and we have managed
to successfully close several complex positions for senior software, firmware & QA engineers together. I would be happy to recommend MindHunt
for future clients.”

Anna Aaen
Global HR Director at Auditdata

“We were working with MindHunt for a couple of years and they helped us to identify, select and hire excellent IT specialists available on the market, including Ms Dynamics Nav Developers, .Net Developers, Test Engineers, System Engineers, Database and Business Intelligence professionals and many others. What I like in MindHunt is that they are able to understand exactly our recruiting needs AND fill vacancies for us in timely manner.”

Yuriy Andrushchenko
ex-Director of Software Engineering at Allvue

“MindHunt helped us to close several very important vacancies in IT. They always respond in a timely manner to requests, respond on time, polite and considerate. Professionalism at the highest level. Highly recommended!”

Iryna Gyrenko
HR at Synevo

Why Choose MindHunt: Your Expert IT Recruitment Partner


Over a Decade of Expertise

With 12+ years of experience, we understand the unique challenges of global IT recruitment, particularly in Europe.


Beyond Job Boards

We're not your average agency. We utilize a targeted "mindhunting" approach, directly sourcing top tech talent instead of relying solely on job boards. This personalized method increases our success rate – we close 90% of vacancies using direct search!


Exceeding Expectations

65% of clients work with us more than a year, a sign of our dedication to client success.

Our services

MindHunt offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to streamline your IT talent acquisition and build your dream team.

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