DevOps Director

Due to the development of the DevOps function, our Client needed to find a DevOps director.

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European software and hardware development company. Hearing care industry.
DevOps Director

Details of the search: 

We had to find DevOps with management experience who can play the main role in defining our Client’s DevOps team setup and activities together with RnD Director and development teams.

Main responsibilities are: 

Developing, managing and optimising continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) processes including but not limited to managing release process & its automation, supporting development environments and configurations in Microsoft Azure cloud, consult internal & external customers on technical aspects of installation, sizing, scaling; CI/CD etc. 

Since our Client build products using Microsoft technologies we were looking for DevOps engineers with strong experience in configuring, maintaining, and troubleshooting Microsoft based production systems, including Microsoft Azure Cloud, AzureDevOps, experience in setting up CI/CD for .NET projects by managing, developing, and building CI/CD, experience with Microsoft Windows Server. 

Candidates’ pipeline: 

We have contacted around 200 potential candidates and conducted interviews with candidates who showed interest. As a result we recommended to the Client 7 candidates. One of them passed all staged in interview process, received & accepted job offer, and joined our client’s company. 

If you are looking for DevOps Director or DevOps Engineer in Europe, let’s have a short conversation and discuss your search. Probably our free recruitment consultation help you understand how fill your vacancy by better candidates faster. 

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