Agile Lead / Scrum Master

Due to the growth of the R&D department, our client needed to find a Agile Lead / Scrum Master

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Ukraine, Poland


European software and hardware development company. Hearing care industry.
Agile Lead / Scrum Master

Details of the search: 

We had to fond a person with 3+ years of hands-on experience working as a SCRUM Master / project manager or equivalent for remote, globally distributed teams. The candidate should have  excellent understanding of and practical experience in project management, Agile principles, SCRUM, frameworks for scalability like SAFE, LESS, Nexus etc. 

The main challenge was that this position is not pure scrum master role, but with project management responsibilities, including 

  • Daily operational management of distributed development team(s) between Ukraine, Denmark and Canada
  • Perform supervision over projects/products and roadmap deliveries
  • Ensure effectiveness of delivery process including proper usage of methodology and tools
  • Conduct regular SCRUM activities with Development Team and Product Owners i.e. standups, backlog grooming, sprint planning, retrospectives, eliminating bottlenecks and streamlining development and deliverables

Candidates’ pipeline: 

We have contacted 2537 potential candidates and recommended to client more than 30 candidates. We understand that this is a lot, but since this position is not typical for the market we needed more time and more candidates to find a profile that meet client’s requirements. 

As a result our Client interviewed our candidates candidates and extended job offers to 2 of them. They accepted offers and joined our client’s company. 

This is an example of how we closed non-typical for the market vacancy. If you have any difficult vacancies you are trying to close without success, let’s have a call and probably we will be able to help. 

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