Algorithmic trading firm

C++ Software Engineer (fully remote)

Job description

About the company

Our client is an investment manager and algorithmic trading firm from Switzerland. They manage tens of millions in assets and focus on fully-automated, low-latency trading strategies. They are a small, fully-remote team looking for one or two highly motivated and skilled software engineers to help them improve their existing strategies as well as develop new ones.


  • Design, develop and maintain automated trading strategies and systems supporting these strategies
  • Build quantitative trading analytics
  • Develop expertise in market microstructure and automated trading systems


  • Strong programming skills with a minimum of 3 years of experience in C++
  • Good Linux server administration skills
  • Networking experience (deployment and communication with other programs; making decisions regarding protocols for communication with other applications and maintaining programs on a server)
  • Experience (or at least knowledge of) any of: AWS/Google Cloud/Azure/Cloud infrastructure, distributed systems, TCP/IP, queueing protocols etc.
  • Experience in algorithmic trading or investment management firms is a plus
  • Rust knowledge is a plus
  • Excellent verbal and written English communication skills

Why You Should Jump at This Chance:

  • Join a fast-growing investment management and algorithmic trading company, and be a real contributor.
  • Experience a friendly and supportive work atmosphere that encourages your personal and professional growth.
  • Cooperate via B2B or Employment Contract (UoP)
  • Get all the essential benefits mandated by the laws of your country for a secure and comfortable work experience

Recruitment process

1. Quick chat with the Recruiter to talk about the job (around 20 minutes).
2. First tech interview with internal tech experts (about 1 hour).
3. Final detailed tech interview with an online coding task (1 hour).

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