Which IT staffing agency software is better?

Does IT Staffing Agencies Software Have the Features You Need? Let's Find Out: A guest blog for IT staffing agency software companies.

Which IT staffing agency software is better?

What is IT staffing agency software?

It’s software for staffing agencies that helps you manage your business and grow your revenue. It’s an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform that allows you to quickly create, manage and fulfill jobs. Plus, it gives you the tools and reporting capabilities needed to optimize your business performance.

Why use staffing agency software?

A staffing agency software is designed to help you get work done faster, better, and more efficiently:

  • Manage all your jobs in one place with easy-to-use job management features such as automatic job creation, workflows, task assignments, and approval processes.
  • Automate processes with built-in integrations that save time by sending emails or creating tasks automatically when a new job is created or when a candidate applies for a job on your website.
  • Generate reports so you can see how the business is performing overall as well as by employee or location — even by an individual client.

Main features of IT staffing agency software

IT staffing agency software is a tool that helps you to manage your candidates and clients better. It provides many features to streamline the process of sourcing, screening, and hiring candidates.

The main important features of modern IT staffing agency software include:

Linkedin Integration: You can use Linkedin integration to find relevant candidates and then send them an invitation to apply for the job. The platform will automatically send out an email to those who match your criteria and then you can review their profile and decide whether they are right for the job or not.

Sourcing candidates on different platforms is important for any company especially if they want to hire skilled professionals who can deliver results quickly without much training or onboarding time required by the employer. Some of these platforms include Linkedin, Github, Stackoverflow etc where developers hang out and share their skills openly with the world at large.

Email Automation: Email automation is another useful feature that allows you to send out emails automatically. Most companies look for candidates who have a certain skill set which might not be available in their database or at a particular time period. So email automation helps them to reach out to such candidates automatically without any human intervention required.

Contact enrichment can help you get the most out of your lead data. It’s a process in which you match the information in your database with additional information sources to enrich your data. You can use contact enrichment to add more detail to existing records or to discover new candidates that are similar to existing contacts.

Recommended IT staffing agency software

Below we recommend software that we personally used so we can tell you about our impression based on real experience.


Let's start with Jobin because we personally use this great software.

Jobin is a Sourcing, Lead generation, LinkedIn Automation Tool, integrated into an ATS & CRM for Recruiters, Marketers, Salespeople, Entrepreneurs, and Small Business Owners.

This is very useful IT staffing agency software because it combines important features like:

  • Linkedin Automation
  • Automated people outreach on LinkedIn
  • Easily find everyone you can contact
  • Auto-compiled Google and Bing X-Ray search
  • Email finder and Profile Enrichment
  • Unlimited bulk import in autopilot
  • And a very useful feature that allows bypassing LinkedIn's limit on the number of profile openings.

What we like is that you can source candidates on different platforms and add them in one click using the Chrome extension.

Also, Jobin has modern ATS and CRM. You can easily create a custom recruiting process for your vacancies and track your results.

Jobin allows to quickly find candidates that meet specific requirements.

it is very easy to communicate with candidates because it includes "Track Messaging and Contact Interactions"

  • Full Interactions history timeline for every contact shared with workgroup members for perfectly harmonious co-operation
  • Messages sent/received
  • Unified inbox (Emails + LinkedIn)
  • Invitations sent
  • Multi tags and notes on anything
  • Events and workflow milestones

We found only one disadvantage in Communication tools (for now you cannot tag your colleagues in your notes).

So, we personally use Jobin and highly recommend this solution.


Recruitee is a fully-managed recruiting software for small and medium-sized businesses. It allows you to build a complete hiring system in one place, where you manage job postings, candidate applications, and interviews.

With Recruitee, you can spend more time on strategic tasks like hiring top talent instead of wasting time with paperwork. This software helps you focus on what really matters: finding the best people for your team.

All features of Recruitee are divided into the following categories: identity, source, interview, hire and improve.

Identify. Structure and customize the hiring process to what works for your team and organization.

  • Customizable pipelines. Create pipelines with custom stages, filters, and views so you have a better overview of the state of your hire.
  • Workflow templates. Set up templates for pipelines, emails, and more for easier job setup.
  • Roles and visibility. Assign roles and visibility access to colleagues so they can participate in the hiring process while keeping sensitive data private.
  • Automations. Automate manual tasks such as disqualification emails, evaluation requests, and more so you can focus on the tasks that matter.
  • Landing pages. Create custom landing pages for campaigns to connect to send candidates back to your careers page.
  • Please see the full list of features here.

Source. Strategically source the best candidates to build your talent pipelines.

  • Post your job to multiple job boards at once and use smart campaigns to help you decide where to invest your acquisition budget.
  • Use the Chrome extension sourcing tool to upload candidate information into Recruitee.
  • Get your team involved in the talent sourcing process by setting up a referral program.

Interview. Assess, interview, and work with hiring managers to find the best talent for the role.

  • Screening questions. Use screening questions to narrow down your candidate list.
  • Evaluations. Quick or regular evaluations help you keep track of who to move along to the next stages.
  • Communication tools. Keep all communication in one place using tags, notes, and tasks.
  • Mobile app. Track candidate status’ and tasks using the mobile app.
  • Unlimited users. Unlimited users mean that everyone can get involved in the hiring process to find quality talent faster.
  • Track candidate status’ and tasks using the mobile app.
  • Video interviewing. Make interviewing candidates easy by using our integrations with Google Meet, Teams, or Zoom.

Hire. Secure new hires with e-signatures and move quality candidates to talent pools for future roles.

  • E-Signatures. Secure candidates quickly and easily using DocuSign, HelloSign, or SignRequest.
  • HRIS. Provide a seamless onboarding process by sending data to an HRIS, such as Sympa.
  • Talent pools. Use talent pools to stay in touch with top-quality candidates for future roles.

Improve. Measure and monitor your hiring performance to support your team and company goals.

  • Reporting. Create custom dashboards and reports to track what matters most. Export and share with management to keep them updated with your latest contributions.
  • Compliance. We’ve got you covered when it comes to your security and compliance needs.
  • Integrations. Build a robust tech stack with a huge range of integrations.

What we found as a disadvantage of Recruitee is the lack of Linkedin automation tools.


If you run a recruitment business you must have modern and reliable IT staffing software. There are dozens of different options available. It can be daunting to find the right one, but it doesn't have to be this way. Based on our experience we recommend Jobin and Recruitee. These solutions have some differences and you may choose what fit you the best.

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