8 simple steps that help you recruit the best candidates for IT roles in Ukraine, Europe or Asia

Discover the proven IT recruiting methodology to hire the best candidates for your open IT roles in Ukraine, Europe or Asia.

8 simple steps that help you recruit the best candidates for IT roles in Ukraine, Europe or Asia

Are you struggling to hire talent in your IT department quickly? Do you want to hire the best and most affordable candidates in Ukraine, Europe or Asia?

If your answer is “yes” then keep reading and see how you can hire top tech professionals with our proven recruiting methodology.

These 8 simple steps will help you recruit the best candidates for IT roles

Step 1: Critically important BEFORE starting to look for candidates is to have a clear vision of the open position, requirements, responsibilities, major problems to be solver, compensation package, and other job-related details.

Understanding the needs of the position is crucial. This involves not just a rundown of job-related tasks, but an understanding of what kind of professional will be able to fill this role effectively. This requires a deep understanding of the skills, experience, and qualifications needed, along with the kind of tasks and responsibilities that will be involved in the role.

This step also necessitates a clear definition of the compensation package and benefits that will attract the right candidates. Understanding potential problems the candidate will have to tackle can help frame the role more accurately and attract problem-solvers.

Step 2: Map out industries and companies where you are going to look for ideal candidates.

A strategic approach to recruitment involves identifying the industries and companies where potential candidates may currently be employed. This requires understanding which sectors or businesses have a high concentration of the skills and experience you need for your open position.

This targeted approach will increase the likelihood of finding highly-qualified candidates, and it can also help to create a shortlist of individuals who might be a good fit for the company and the role.

Step 3: Create a document that describes your open position and sell it to potential candidates at the same time.

It is like a job description on steroids.

A compelling job description is a recruitment tool that can entice top talent to your organization. This document should clearly outline the role, its responsibilities, and the skills and qualifications required. However, to stand out, it needs to sell the position as well. This means highlighting unique aspects of your company culture, the career development opportunities available, and the exciting projects the candidate could be a part of. The objective is to create a picture where potential candidates can see themselves thriving.

Step 4: Contact active & passive candidates.

Statistics show that ONLY about 25% of candidates read ads as a means of finding new career opportunities. How do you know that your story has reached the best of the best? What is your plan to reach the other 75%? Your plan is to do deep market research, name identification, approach the best candidates available on the market, and present your career opportunity in the most attractive manner.

Reaching out to both active and passive candidates is vital. Active candidates are those currently looking for a job and may be easier to reach, but passive candidates, although currently employed, may be open to a new opportunity if it is compelling enough. This step involves researching the market thoroughly, identifying potential candidates, and reaching out to them with a compelling proposal. The objective is to ensure your job opportunity reaches a wide audience, including the top talent in the industry.

Step 5: Test the readiness of potential candidates to accept your job offer...  to make sure that the job offer is presented only to those candidates who are ready to accept it AND are not inclined to accept a counter-offer from the current employer.

Assessing candidate readiness to accept a job offer is a strategic step in recruitment.

This involves understanding the candidates' current employment situation, their inclination to change jobs, and their receptiveness to a potential offer. It can also involve gauging their likelihood of accepting a counter-offer from their current employer. This information can help streamline the recruitment process by focusing on candidates who are genuinely interested and likely to accept the job offer.

Step 6: Get detailed information about the IT market in target location and salary levels to make sure that you offer your candidates a market-level salary.

Understanding the IT market and salary levels in different regions like Ukraine, Europe or Asia ensures competitive offers. Be well-versed in current salary trends, benefits, and incentives popular in the IT industry. It's also crucial to understand the unique aspects of the specific region you are hiring in, as cultural nuances and local employment laws can play a significant role. This step can help you ensure your compensation package is competitive and appealing to potential candidates.

Step 7: Do professional interviews and follow a proven system that allows you to discover the skills, real motivation, and commitment of any candidate you interview so far.

Conducting professional interviews is more than just asking questions. This step involves using a systematic approach to explore a candidate's skills, motivation, and commitment. This includes asking technical questions to evaluate their skills, asking behavioural questions to assess their compatibility with your company culture, and inquiring about their long-term goals to understand their commitment and growth potential.

An effective interview process can reveal the true potential of candidates beyond their resumes.

Step 8: When you decide to work with an IT recruiting agency, make sure that you are free of any risks

..is protected by a guarantee that if you make a hiring mistake and the specialist leaves your company (or you fire him) within 90 days… you have free of charge fast replacement guarantee. In this article, we also described the reasons you may think about working with an IT recruitment agency.

Choosing to work with an IT recruitment agency can streamline the hiring process, but it's crucial to mitigate any potential risks. Look for agencies that offer a guarantee, providing a free replacement if a hired candidate leaves or is let go within a certain timeframe (e.g., 90 days). This can safeguard your company from the costly impact of hiring mistakes. Additionally, consider the agency's expertise in the IT industry, their methodology, and their reputation before making a decision.


The proven recruiting methodology presented in this article is a comprehensive guide for businesses looking to hire the best candidates for their open positions. By following the eight-step process, businesses can ensure that they have a clear vision of the open position, identify the right candidates, create a job description that sells the opportunity, approach active and passive candidates, test their readiness, offer a market-level salary, and follow a proven interviewing system.

Working with an IT recruiting agency can also be beneficial, provided that the agency offers a guarantee that protects the business in case of a hiring mistake. Book a call with our IT recruiting agency with expertise in Ukraine, CIS, and Europe to learn more.


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