Exploring jobin.cloud: Features, Pricing, and Real User Reviews

Jobin.cloud is not just another tool in the vast ocean of recruiting aids; it's an 'all-rounder' solution. As a free Sourcing Automation Tool, it seamlessly integrates with platforms like LinkedIn and X-Ray, ensuring that you have all the necessary resources at your fingertips.

Exploring jobin.cloud: Features, Pricing, and Real User Reviews

What is jobin.cloud?

Navigating the realm of recruiting can be a daunting task. From sourcing potential candidates to keeping track of communications, the entire process demands efficiency and precision. Enter jobin.cloud, a trailblazing "All-in-One" sourcing platform designed specifically for recruiters.

Jobin.cloud is not just another tool in the vast ocean of recruiting aids; it's an 'all-rounder' solution. As a free Sourcing Automation Tool, it seamlessly integrates with platforms like LinkedIn and X-Ray, ensuring that you have all the necessary resources at your fingertips. But what truly sets jobin.cloud apart is its holistic approach to recruitment.

Key Features of Jobin.cloud:

  • Sourcing Automation: Enjoy the freedom of automated sourcing, eliminating the tedious manual work.
  • Multi-channel Outreach: Engage with potential candidates through email and LinkedIn, ensuring that no opportunity is missed.
  • Message Personalization: Using the amalgamation of LinkedIn data and the power of ChatGPT, curate personalized messages that resonate with each candidate.
  • Database Management: From auto-recording interactions to updating profiles and ensuring your database remains clean, jobin.cloud has got you covered.
  • Search Capabilities: Source candidates from a plethora of platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, GitHub, and more, with the added benefits of Google and Bing X-Ray searches.
  • Advanced Screening: Automate contact screening and scoring, ensuring that you're always engaging with the right candidates.
  • In-built ATS/CRM: Manage your recruitment funnel seamlessly with the integrated ATS/CRM system.

Beyond these features, jobin.cloud boasts an impressive suite of tools, including LinkedIn Automation, Contact Finder, and the unique Drip Messaging Sequence powered by ChatGPT.

Platform Availability:

Jobin.cloud is available as a web platform and also as a handy Chrome extension, ensuring you have access wherever you go.

Integrated Seamlessly with ChatGPT:

Thanks to its native integration with ChatGPT, personalizing messages to resonate with each candidate has never been easier. Tap into the power of AI and create a tailored experience for your potential hires.

Platform Overview: Jobin.cloud

In the age of digital recruiting, efficiency is paramount. Automation tools have arisen to ease the process, and amidst these, Jobin.cloud stands out as a holistic solution addressing multiple needs. Let’s delve deeper into what Jobin.cloud offers:

1. Automation Tools for LinkedIn Messaging:

There are numerous platforms to automate LinkedIn connection requests and messages, but Jobin.cloud shines with its multifaceted offerings.

Here's what you can expect:

Bulk Actions: Send LinkedIn connection invites, messages, or InMails individually or in bulk.

jobin.cloud LinkedIn connection invitation

Drip Messaging: Utilize the Jobin drip messaging campaigns manager for structured outreach.

jobin.cloud communication window

Personalized Templates: Customize your messages using smart fields, enriched profile data, and even AI-generated text.

jobin.cloud Personalized Templates

Multichannel Communications: Not limited to LinkedIn, extend the same functionalities to emails.

jobin.cloud Multichannel Communications

ChatGPT Integration: A unique feature, Jobin.cloud integrates with ChatGPT to hyper-personalize your messages and manage standard follow-ups and replies.

jobin.cloud ChatGPT Integration

Smart Inbox: This consolidates multichannel communications, enhancing your connectivity with prospects.

Automated Actions: Automatically withdraw pending invitations and filter connections using various LinkedIn tags.

Pricing is flexible with a Free version, followed by Starter (€7.99), Pro (€19.99), and Ultimate (€34.99) plans.

2. Automation Tools for Scraping:

When it comes to LinkedIn scraping, Jobin.cloud offers a comprehensive free solution. The platform allows users to:

Import Data: Easily import fully scraped profiles from LinkedIn search results.

Additional Sources: Import members from LinkedIn Groups, Event Attendees, or those interacting with posts.

The icing on the cake? LinkedIn scraping is included in its "Free Forever" plan.

3. Tools for Contact Finding:

Contact finding is seamless with Jobin.cloud's 'Profile Enrichment' feature. Highlights include:

Extensive Data Retrieval: Find emails, phone numbers, social profiles, and more.

Email Filtering: Differentiate between private and business emails, ensuring discretion.

On-the-Fly Functionality: Trigger contact finding during a messaging campaign, choosing the preferred email type.

While public data is free, database queries come at a credit cost.

4. X-Ray searches

Source with Google and Bing X-Ray searches, with many integrated website searches including LinkedIn, Facebook, GitHub, Quora, Twitter, Indeed, Zing, DEV, GDG and more.

5. Messaging Automation:

The all-in-one platform streamlines sourcing, screening, funnel management, and multichannel outreach. Embedded ChatGPT ensures the automation process is holistic, eliminating tool-hopping and data transfer delays.

Real User Reviews

We use jobin.cloud over 2 years. During this time we sourced thousands of candidates for our vacancies all over the world.

We like that this software provides Unlimited LinkedIn connection requests in bulk (bypasses the 100/week limit) so we can do sourcing more efficiently. It allowed us to build a 82,000+ CV database.

We can easily manager all our jobs to efficiently move candidates from initial stage to placement.

Also, I want to mention how convenient to customise candidates pipeline according to our need. There may be different processes for different vacancies. For example, for some vacancy there may be tests and a certain number of interviews. And we can easily adjust the recruitment funnel to the existing process.

recruitment funnel example

We tried different software, but jobin.cloud was one of the best solutions for active recruiting.

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