How to Recruit Remote Software Developers in Ukraine and Europe

Learn how to recruit top remote software developers in Ukraine and Europe. Find out about popular technologies and the hiring process.

How to Recruit Remote Software Developers in Ukraine and Europe

How to hire a remote software development team in Ukraine and Europe? Remote developers build mobile applications, android and iPhone, web applications, custom cms and CRM systems, IoT solutions, and embedded software.

The market for remote programmers is represented by a large number of experienced software developers, who are ready to work remotely on Android, iOS, Web applications, Desktop applications, embedded software, and more.

Why do you need to hire remote software developers

There are many reasons to hire remote developers:

  • A chance to lower your expenses.
  • Opportunity to diversify the workforce and get access to a wider pool of talents.
  • Flexibility and freedom for your employees.
  • An alternative to outsourcing and the risk of losing control over the product development process.
  • A chance to get access to some of the most talented developers in Ukraine, Europe.

The number of remote jobs has increased by 91.5% in the last 10 years, as more and more companies realize the benefits of hiring remote employees.

Remote workers are generally happier, less stressed, and more productive than their office counterparts.

When you hire remote software developers, you get the ability to create a global team that collaborates in real-time.

If you are looking for ways to increase your team's productivity or simply want to save money on salaries, hiring remote software developers is a good way to go.

It's a common thing when startups can't afford high pay for talent. When companies try to limit their expenses, they hire remote workers in countries where the cost of living is lower but the quality of IT specialists remains high. That's why many companies from all over the world hire remote software developers from Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

The advantage of remote work is obvious: it’s more affordable and time-efficient. There are no business trips, no office rent, no taxes.

Such a model is especially attractive when hiring software engineers. The reason is simple – there are many talented developers in Eastern Europe and Ukraine and they can get the job done well at a reasonable price.

How many developers in Ukraine and Europe

The Ukrainian IT industry is booming, and this is your chance to get ahead of the competition. You'll be able to hire the best software developers in Ukraine for a fraction of what they would cost in the US or UK. And remote development provides many advantages over outsourcing to India or China:

  • Ukraine is a European country. That makes communication easy — you can be sure that you're talking to people who share your cultural values and understand your priorities.
  • Ukraine has the largest proportion of IT specialists in Europe, so there's an abundance of great candidates for you to choose from.

Ukraine is one of the biggest IT outsourcing centers in Europe. The country has a lot of outsourcing companies that work with both local and foreign clients. In this article, we will talk about the Ukrainian IT outsourcing market, how it works, and why you may want to hire remote software developers from Ukraine.

Ukrainian Market Overview

The Ukrainian IT market is constantly growing. In 2019, its total volume exceeded $4 billion, which makes it one of the largest IT markets in Europe and Central Asia.

Since the early 2000s, the number of IT specialists has increased by more than 10 times (from 30,000 to over 350,000). As of now, there are more than 223,000 people working in over 4,400 companies registered as “IT” enterprises.

In their turn, these companies serve clients both locally and abroad. According to DOU statistics (Ukraine's biggest programmer community), currently, 34% of IT specialists are already working remotely or are ready to opt for this work mode in case an offer appears.

For remote developers, location is not a limiting factor. Anywhere in the world, you can build an awesome team.

Interesting fact: Ukrainian developers have the highest purchasing power, according to the Economist’s Big Mac index

Eastern Europe Market Overview

Eastern Europe is one of the most popular outsourcing destinations for US companies. According to the Developer Economics Survey, Eastern Europe has the second-largest concentration of developers in Europe after Western Europe. There are more than 2 million developers in Eastern European countries alone.

Now, even if you don't have an office in a certain country, you can hire employees there with the help of HR platforms, like this one or this one.

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Popular technologies for software development

Companies that hire remote software developers are looking for candidates with a broad range of skills. Most remote software developer jobs will require some experience in web development and cloud technologies. However, it is also common to see remote opportunities that focus on mobile development, artificial intelligence (AI), data analysis, and other complex subjects.

Here are the most popular technologies for software development:

Additionally to software developers, DevOps is also a very popular position right now. Please pay attention to this article if you hiring DevOps Engineer.

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The Critical Role of Software Developer Recruitment Agencies

In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, software developers have emerged as some of the most sought-after professionals. These developers are the backbone of the digital transformation, driving innovations and ensuring the smooth functioning of systems across industries.

Software Developer Recruitment Agencies specialize in understanding the nuanced requirements of this domain, from the intricacies of different programming languages to the latest development methodologies. These agencies have crafted specific strategies and networks to identify, evaluate, and connect top-tier developer talent with organizations that seek them.

Their expertise not only lies in recognizing the technical proficiencies of candidates but also in gauging their problem-solving capabilities, adaptability to new tech trends, and cultural fit with prospective employers.

In the fiercely competitive market for tech talent, companies often face challenges in swiftly identifying and onboarding the right software developers. This is where Software Developer Recruitment Agencies come into play. Equipped with industry knowledge, an understanding of the ever-shifting tech landscape, and access to a vast pool of vetted candidates, these agencies streamline the hiring process for businesses.

By bridging the gap between demand and supply, they play a pivotal role in ensuring that companies stay ahead of the curve, armed with a skilled and dynamic tech workforce.

Recruitment agency MindHunt helps companies hire the best remote software developers. MindHunt is a team of professional IT recruiters, with over 12 years of experience in the IT recruitment industry and expertise in sourcing, screening, and hiring developers from Ukraine and Europe.

We've built a network of top software development companies in Ukraine and Europe, where we can source experienced and talented developers who are ready to join your company.

Our mission is to help companies hire remote software developers who will contribute to their business goals. We offer a highly personalized approach and work closely with you to understand your needs so that we can match you with the right developer. With our help, you can hire the right person within 1-4 weeks on average.


Recruiting remote software developers in Ukraine and Europe can help your business save money and access a larger talent pool. Understanding the market, popular technologies, and the hiring process is key to success. To ensure you find the best candidates, consider partnering with an IT recruiting agency with expertise in Ukraine, CIS and Europe. Book a call today to learn how we can help you find and recruit top remote software developers.

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