Attention. Fraud. Scammers are sending messages using our brand MindHunt

Scammers use our brand in Poland and sending messages in Telegram and WhatsApp proposing job of App optimiser

Attention. Fraud. Scammers are sending messages using our brand MindHunt

Recently few people contacted us and informed that they received messages in Telegram and WhatsApp that proposing job of App optimiser with MindHunt on the ad. Usually these spam messages are being sent from Hanna Evi.

After contacting people, Hanna Evi deletes her Telegram account so it is difficult to find her.

After that, another person contacts the person and tells about the details of the work.

This is conversation in WhatsApp where another person tells about the job in detail

I am CEO of MindHunt, Vadym Lobariev and I officially declare that neither Hanna Evi nor other people who offer what she does, do not work in our company and they use our brand illegally and disturbing people with spam messages.

If you have fallen victim to these scammers, I'm sorry. I tried to contact them to stop this fraud. I contacted WhatsApp number and found out a person who works as an app optimizer in a company that supposedly has a job opening, but she said she doesn't know who is sending this spam and she doesn't have contacts of this Hanna Evi. I told them to stop using our brand and spamming on our behalf.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,

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