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Our main expertise is IT recruitment in Ukraine, but we also do searches in Europe, USA, Asia and CIS

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CIO, CTO, Delivery Manager, Software Engineering Manager


Frontend Developers (JavaScript, Angular, React, Vue)


Manager, Project Manager, Team Lead


Head of Digital Marketing, SEO Manager, PPC Manager, Marketing Analyst


Backend Developers (Java, .Net, NodeJS, Ruby, Python, Go, Perl, С++, PHP etc)


CFO, Financial Controller, Chief Accountant, Auditor


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Message from Founder

Hello! I am Vadym Lobariev, Founder of IT recruitment agency MindHunt.

I started in IT recruiting back to 2005 and my first search was Senior C# Developer and requirements were 2+ years of experience with C# or 5+ years of experience with C++. I worked only 1 month in recruiting and knew close to nothing about recruiting.

My first step was to buy and read the book “Visual C++ for dummies”. Why? Because I wanted to better understand the nature of job I needed to fill and people who do this job in order to speak with them on the same language as much as I can.

Definitely it hasn’t made a software programmer from me... but it allowed me to better understand what software programmers do. Anyway... I struggled with filling vacancies because It was hard to find suitable candidates, sell them vacancy and qualify them. So I had to learn different recruiting strategies and technics from best recruiters in the world. I read books and took trainings… and then tested whatI learned in real world to see what happen.

My recruiting results were improving and finally I discovered ultimate recruiting system which worked pretty well and always delivered great results when I used it.

Then I founded recruitment agency MindHunt and started hiring recruiters to the team. I taught them this system so they were ableto recruit excellent candidates as well. Using this system, we able to fill different IT vacancies for our clients from USA, Europe, Australia and Ukraine from entry level to top level positions, including Software Engineers, QA Engineers, UI/UX Designers, Technical Writers, System and Network Administrators, Software Architects, Business and System Analysts, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Development Managers, Directors and other.

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Recruitment Services

Are you spending countless hours sifting through resumes and interviewing less-than-ideal candidates for your critical software development and finance roles in the EMEA region? You're not alone.


rent a recruiter

Rent a Recruiter

Tired of the endless search for top talent? Burning precious time and budget sifting through resumes? Say goodbye to the recruitment struggle with our revolutionary "Rent a Recruiter" offer!

About recruiting system MindHunt

In order to fill your vacancies by best candidates available on the market we use following process

icon target

Define Your Target Candidate

01 step

Based on several questions we’ll discover your real recruiting needs. As a result, after this short session, we both have a clear vision of open position, requirements, responsibilities, compensation package,and other job-related details

icon search

search map

02 step

On this stage, we map out industries and companies where we are going to look for ideal candidates for you. This helps you to have right candidates in your office as soon as possible

icon magnet

magnet for target candidates

03 step

Based on the information you provide we at IT recruitment agency MindHunt create a document which do two jobs: describes your open position and sell it to potential candidates. It is like a job descriptionon steroids

icon identification

Advanced Talent Identification Machine

04 step

At this stage, we have all the information we need to start deepmarket research, name identification, approaching the best candidates available on the market and presenting your career opportunityin a most attractive manner

icon interview

Comprehensive Interview System

05 step

With your recruiting needs in mind, we use our proven system for qualifying potential candidates, including preliminary screenings and personal interviews in order to discover skills, motivation, and commitment of candidates. As a result, you RECEIVE the best talents available on the market and do not waste your time on unqualified candidates

icon job offer

Accepted Job Offer Generator

06 step

After you and candidate show mutual interest and ready for the next step we help you generate a job offer which will satisfy both your budget and candidate’s salary expectations

icon prevention

Counter Offer Prevention System

07 step

Now you may think that when the job offer is accepted then the dealis closed… Not really. Because the current employer will DO attempts to retain the person. But here we use our special ‘counteroffer prevention system’ and advice your candidate how to builda conversation with current manager about resignation and howto react if they try to retain him/her

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1-14 days

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2-4 weeks

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Client interviews candidates and make a decision

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Period from accepting a job offer by the candidate to the starting day

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Recruiting fee is flexible and depends on different factors, but our goal is to exceed clients‘ expectations and over deliver. Please contact us to get quotes for your vacancies.


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